- Mpay Service Agreement
- Holds Of The Agreement
- MPay Service Definitions
- MPay Service Content
- Mpay Members And Account Sign Up and Usage
- Mpay Users Beware matters
- Commitment of Mpay Users
- Limited Liability
Intellectual Property Rights / Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
Applicable Laws, Jurisdiction
Mpay Service Agreement (Hereinafter referred to as below agreement) Holds between By Seatel Financial Service Company (Hereinafter referred to Mpay) and you
Holds Of The Agreement
The purpose of this agreement is to assist you to understand more about the content of services Mpay provided and to acknowledge you with the rights and obligations. Please kindly take notes to the following (Especially to the bold). In case if you still have any questions you can visit our website (as the provided below) to enquiry with our hotline chat or call at 018 8800 800.
For every changes that Mpay are deciding to make, it will be published officially in advance and starting to get effectively. If you are using Mpay Service after changes it shows that you agree and also follow with the new given terms.
If you are a person without a civil capacity or a person who is capable of restricting civil conduct, please inform your guardian, and read this Agreement and use the Mpay Service under the direction of your Guardian. If you are a user outside the Cambodia, you also need to comply with the laws of your country or region, and you confirm. To enter into and comply with this Agreement, the restrictions on the laws and regulations of the country or region where they are living or engaged in business activities or other business.
MPay Service Definitions
Mpay member’s Number (Will be called “Member’s Number”): Guilds you ways that Mpays provide to cash-out, offer you the service number, the log in will be your mobile number.
Mpay’s Account (Will be called as “Account”): Represent that you are now a member of that can use Mpay payment services after pass through all the relevant information verifications. After you have the Mpay Account, the member log-in name will be your Mpay Account log-in name. In other conditions beside from this agreement, Mpay Account users may use the balance service.
Mpay log-in name: The number that you used when signing-up for Mpay
Identity Verifications/Highlight: Mpay will identify your identity information highlight, included but not limited to your member account’s account, Mpay account, password, digital verifications/certificate, SMS verification number, making payment, telephone number, mobile number, national identity card’s number, finger prints, face-scan and eyed-scan.
Authority: Based on Cambodia’s law, every ministry department such as National Securities, Auditors, Court, Customs and Tax Dept have the right to require to check, freeze-account, penalty or pause every active activities.
Freezed-Account: Once it is required by any authority party, the account cannot be either log-in or be activated to any functions such as making payments, cash-out, transfer and etc.
Limitation: Means beside from the freezed-account, Mpay membership number or account will not be able to functions any of the activities sush as: every related to account’s asset, account’s balance, the balance which provided by the third party.
Stop Payment: A type of limitation measures, means Mpay account’s balance cannot be used for making payment, cash-out or transfer functions. Balance service: Means Mpay accounts can be use of top-up, spends, receive balance, transfer balance and etc. services.
Mpay service is providing you a non-financial institute payment service, we take your commands to receive to-make or transfer funds.
Among them, Mpay behalf services are a project that Mpay provides you a service which acts as your behalf in receiving or making payment.
Through as a behalf in receiving balance service, you can receive the amounts of others making payments to you. Meaning that it is a process in which you are appointing Mpay to make Mpay account top-up from your bank transfer or as in cash, or acting as your behalf to receive balance from a third party and then follows your instruction on where/how does this amount place to between your bank account or Mpay account (Including cash).
Through behalf-payment service, you are able to make payment project to a third party as required.
Behalf-Payment process involved in the whole activities such as: Mpay follows your instruction to transfer balance from your account to another account (not Mpay account) with a set amount into the third party’s bank account as in 100% or is divided into periods; you can based on this agreement to transfer balance from your bank account to your Mpay account or any others Mpay account; Mpay also follows your instruction to receive a set amount from any other payers and then transfer it to the third party’s bank account or Mpay account as in 100% or is divided into periods.
As long as Mpay are processing the orders of receive and pay legally, every orders are not able to cancel.
Behalf services of Paying and Receiving are as below:
Top-ups: You can transfer your balance from your bank account or by top-up by cash to your Mpay accounts.
Cash-Out: You can transfer balance from your Mpay account to any other receivable bank accounts that is under your name. Mpay will work under a reasonable time to transfer corresponding amount to the bank after receiving the cash-out command from the Mpay users but it is only functional besides from a freezed-account, stop payment activities or any other restricted functions. Moreover, in some cases we might need to process the cash-out risk
Instant Balance Arrival Service, works between the buyer and the seller under a trustworthy and understanding atmosphere in which the buyer does not need to wait until the goods arrival to check for the qualities before the payment then be successfully transfer to the seller’s account.
Balance Transfer: You can use Mpay service to transfer an amount wanted to make the receiver’s Mpay or Bank account. The use of this transfer service is based on you full understanding of the receiver (Include but not limited to the receiver’s true identity and exact Mpay user’s name). Please carefully read the information to avoid any unnecessary loss.
4, Mpay membership number and account registration
(1) Registration
1、After you have completed the Mpay membership number registration and activate, you can use Mpay service; you also can apply for Mpay verification code to have Mpay account to use more services. Specific verification methods to the site page prompts prevail.
2 、You must set your nickname, avatar, signature, message, etc. in your membership number or account to comply with laws and regulations, public order and social morality, and will not infringe the legitimate rights and interests of other third parties, otherwise Mpay may cancel your nickname, avatar, signature.
3、You can log in Southeast Asia Telecom Group website directly through your Mpay login name without re-registering.
(2) Use
The identity element is the basis for Mpay's identification of your identity. Please keep it safe. Any action that is performed using an identity element is made as if you made it. Any risks, liabilities, losses, expenses, etc. arising from the use of your account, password which are caused by own use. Agree:
Based on the different terminals and your habits, we may take different verification measures to identify you. For example, your Mpay account is logged in for the first time on a new device, we may identify you by password with a check code.
To protect your funds, please set the password for your phone and other devices to be inconsistent with the Mpay membership number and your account password. Please inform Mpay as soon as you find out someone is using or misappropriating your membership number, account or Mpay login and password, or if your phone or other related equipment is lost. You can also apply to Mpay for a pause or Stop the Mpay service.You have to understand that Mpay have to takes a reasonable amount of time to take action on your request. If Mpay does not take effective measures within a reasonable period of time, resulting in an increase in your loss, Mpay will be responsible for the expanded loss, but Mpay is not responsible for the instructions that have been executed prior to taking action.
Mpay membership number and account are for your own use only, non-transferable, borrowed, donated, inherited, but the relevant property interests in the Mpay account may be inherited by law.
Mpay can suspend or limit the functionality of the Mpay service, or add new functionality, based on operational and transactional security needs.
In order to maintain a good network environment, Mpay sometimes need to know your use of Mpay service purpose, such as Mpay asked you to provide relevant information or information, please cooperate with us.
For your transaction security, when you use the Mpay service, please determine in advance whether the counterparty has full civil capacity and carefully decide whether to use the Mpay service to trade with each other.
5, Note the use of Mpay services
Mpay reminds you of the following matters in order to effectively protect your legitimate interest in the use of Mpay services: Authentication
In the process of registering and using the Mpay service, please provide legal, real, valid, accurate and complete information (but not including identity cards, accounts, passports, business licenses, account permits and other proof, contact, engaged in occupation, communication address). In order to be able to notify you of your account changes in time, and to better protect your account, please notify Mpay if the information has changed. In order to validate your information in a timely and effective manner (but not including identity information, account information, purchase quota), you agree that we may provide your information to a third party and agree that a third party may provide your information to Mpay for Mpay to be verified, as required by laws, regulations and regulatory requirements or Mpay deemed necessary. You should ensure that Mpay login, membership number or account binding phone number are held by you, if you take the phone number of others, in order to avoid the phone number holders inconvenience or adverse effects, but also to Your funds are secure, Mpay may remove the mailbox or phone number from your membership number or account and unlink.
If you are an individual user, please actively cooperate with Mpay to check your valid ID or other necessary documents, retain the color of the valid identity document, and complete the relevant authentication required by Mpay:
You apply for recharge, charge or pay a single amount of more than 1,000 US dollars or foreign currency equivalent to more than 1,000 US dollars business;
All the Mpay account under your name, 30 days to recharge, receive and pay the total amount of more than 10,000 US dollars or foreign currency equivalent of more than 10,000 US dollars;
All Mpay account balance in your name is more than $ 1,000 for 10 consecutive days or $ 1,000 for foreign currency;
You use Mpay services to trade financial products or services;
You can purchase prepaid card by Mpay name or apply for prepaid card;
You can purchase an anonymous prepaid card for more than $ 1,000 at one time or accrued more than $ 1,000 for the Mpay account through an anonymous prepaid card;
You are required to change your identity information or your identity information has expired;
Mpay believes that your trading behavior or transaction situation is abnormal;
Mpay believes that your identity information or related information is in doubt or Mpay is in the process of providing you with any information that you have provided or the relevant information is doubtful;
Mpay believes that other documents of your identity or other necessary documents should be checked or retained. The term "above" as mentioned in these Terms includes the number.
3 、In order to meet the requirements of the relevant regulatory requirements, you agree to provide your identity information in accordance with the requirements and notice of Mpay to complete the authentication, otherwise you may not be able to pay, cash, balance payment, purchase of financial products and other operations, and Mpay may stop your account balance.
(1)Mpay will suspend or terminate the Mpay service on your name or Mpay account, or stop the balance and have the right to limit the product or service features you use, (but not including payments to members or account name and in transit transactions, cancellation of transactions, transfer of accounts and other restrictions):
(1) You are in breach of this Agreement;
(2) In accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations and legal instruments;
(3) In accordance with the requirements of the competent authority;
(4) Your membership number or account operation, capital flows and other abnormalities; your membership number or account may be at risk; (5) When you participate in the marketing activities in bulk registration Mpay membership number or account, brush credit, transaction content does not match or cheating and other violations of the rules of activity, in violation of the principle of good faith;
(6) Someone else may cause your Mpay account error in the importation of funds led to you may have improper profit;
(7) You have been complained by others, and the other party has provided some evidence;
(8) You may mistakenly operate someone else's Mpay membership number or account, or authenticate someone else's member number or account. In addition to the circumstances specified in (2) and (3), if you apply for a recovery service and cancel the above-mentioned stopout or restriction, please provide us with relevant documents and proof of identity so that Mpay can verify it.
(3) Mpay servie rules
1, Mpay can provide you with Mpay services base on your payment habits or Mpay recommended settings, such as the sort of payment channels based on your payment habits, in order to get a good payment experience for you to understand and recognize.
2, In Mpay service, you can make payment, the cumulative transfer, may be because you use the payment service in the country, regulatory requirements, payment scenarios, bank credit control, Mpay risk control, Identity factor verification and other different reasons, please see the specific page prompt or notice.
3, You can recognize the Mpay membership number or account of the use of records, transaction data, etc. are Mpay system records shall prevail. If you disagree with the data, you may object to Mpay in time and provide evidence for Mpay verification.
4, If you use the Mpay withholding service, any of the following circumstances will lead to unsuccessful charge:
(1) Your account balance is insufficient;
Your designated membership number or account has been taken to stop, freeze or other restrictions on the use of authority measures;
(3) Beyond the regulatory authorities, Mpay or bank payment limit.
5, For you to provide and publish text, pictures, video, audio and other non-personal privacy information, during the copyright protection period you free to grant Mpay and its affiliated companies to obtain exclusive rights and the use of other rights to other third parties
You agree that Mpay and its affiliates store, use, reproduce, modify, edit, publish, display, translate, distribute your non-personal privacy information or make derivative works thereof, and use known or future developments, media or technology to The above information is included in other works.
6, You use the Mpay service process, the contents of this agreement, the page appears on the operation of the tips or Mpay sent to the phone information content is your use of Mpay services related rules.
7, Mpay will send you a notice via the website announcement, email, send text messages, telephone, station letter or client notification, such as informing you of the progress of the transaction or prompting you to do so.
8, Mpay's payment of the amount of the payment (excluding the amount of money to be frozen, stop or other restrictions) within the amount of the payment of the payment, the right to mention, you are on behalf of all payment (including frozen, stop (Including but not limited to interest and other payment) without any right
Mpay has title to any proceeds (including but not interest and other payments) arising from all such payment.
9, Service advice and complaints
You are using Mpay's service process, if you encounter problems, you can call the hotline or through online customer service, etc. contact us.
If you are reported or reported to others, our company will have the right to your main information, contact information, complaints and other necessary information to the dispute to the other parties or the relevant departments in order to resolve complaints in a timely manner to protect you and others legal rights and interests, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations.
(4) Mpay service commitment and statement
1, Mpay is not a bank, the funds involved in this agreement are transferred through the bank to achieve, you accept the funds in the transfer of time to produce a reasonable time.
2, You understand, based on the term laws and agreement, the agreement under any of the services, Mpay do not provide any guarantee, advance.
3, Mpay will entrust you to Mpay collection or payment of funds, in strict accordance with laws and regulations or the regulatory requirements of the authorities to manage.
Mpay will notify you that the balance of the funds recorded in the Mpay account is different from your own bank deposit and is not protected by the Deposit Insurance Ordinance, which is in essence for your prepaid value that you have entrusted to Mpay. The monetary value of the prepayment value belongs to you, but not in your own name in the bank, but in the name of Mpay deposited in the bank, and by Mpay to the bank to initiate funds transfer directive.
(5) Trading risk tips
1, In the use of Mpay service, if you or your counterparty does not comply with this agreement or the relevant site description, transactions, payment pages in the operating tips, rules, then Mpay has the right to refuse to provide services for you and the other party, and Mpay do not bear the liability for damages. In the event of any of the foregoing, and the amount of money has been credited to your Mpay account, you agree that Mpay shall have the right to deduct the corresponding amount directly from the relevant account and / or prohibit you from claiming payment.
2. You use the Mpay service to buy financial products, for your benefit. It is recommended that you carefully read the financial products agreement and page tips, confirm the sales organization and product’s information carefully assess the risk and then buy.
(6) Service charges
When you use the Mpay service, Mpay has the right to charge you a fee in accordance with the Mpay Service Charging Rules. Mpay Have the right to formulate and adjust the service fee, when you use a specific service fees to Mpay service on this website or product pages Or any other written agreement between you and Mpay. Unless otherwise stated or agreed upon, you agree that Mpay shall have the right to deduct the above-mentioned service charges directly from the payment or payment of any of your Mpay payments or any of your Mpay account balances or other assets.
6, The user legal use of Mpay service commitment
1. You shall comply with the laws and regulations of the country or region of the country or region where you are, the residence or conduct business or other business, and shall not use the Mpay service for any unlawful purpose (including for the purpose of prohibiting or restricting the sale of goods Transaction), and may not use the Mpay service in any illegal manner.
2. Mpay has the right to investigate, delay or refuse to settle or cease to provide Mpay services, and you are solely responsible for all relevant legal obligations, resulting in Mpay, Or Mpay employees or other parties, you are liable for damages.
3. Where 1 and 2 apply, including but not limited to:
(1) Infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of others, such as right of reputation, privacy, trade secret, trademark, copyright, patent right and so on.
(2) Breach of confidentiality or legal obligations.
(3) Use Mpay services in the name of others.
(4) Such as money laundering, terrorist financing, trafficking in guns, drugs, doping, pirated software, yellow pornographic items, other items that Mpay does not consider using Mpay services to trade.
(5) Provide gambling information or induce others to participate in gambling in any way.
(6) Unauthorized use of someone else's bank card, or the use of credit cards, flowers chanting cash (hereinafter referred to as cash). (7) Conduct a transaction that is incompatible with the transaction that you or the counterparty claims, or an unrealistic transaction. (8) Engage in any action that may infringe the Mpay service system.
4. You understand that the Mpay service depends on the exact operation and operation of the system. You agree that Mpay may take appropriate corrective action such as correcting errors, deductions, etc. if there is a system error, malfunction, or other cause of the display error, or if you or Mpay is not profitable.
5. You may not use the reverse engineering means of Mpay system and program to crack, modify, modify, modify, modify, modify, modify, modify, modify, modify, modify, modify, modify, modify, Compile, integrate or tamper with, and may not modify or alter any functionality of the Mpay system.
7. Force majeure, exemption and limitation of liability
(A) exemption clause
Mpay is not liable for Mpay's failure to provide services for the following reasons:
1. Mpay system downtime maintenance or upgrade.
2. Due to typhoons, earthquakes, floods, lightning or terrorist attacks and other force majeure reasons.
3. The user's computer hardware and software and communication lines, power supply lines are faulty.
4. he user improper operation or through non-Mpay authorized or approved the use of Mpay service.
5. Due to viruses, trojans, malicious program attacks, network congestion, system instability, system or equipment failure, communication failures, power failures, bank reasons, third-party service flaws or government actions.
Despite the preceding paragraph, Mpay will take reasonable action to actively promote the service to return to normal.
(2) Mpay liability and limitation of liability
1, Mpay user information is provided by the user himself, Mpay can not guarantee the accuracy of the information, effective and complete. 2, Mpay may also provide Mpay services for you and your (counterparties) counterparty at the same time, and you agree to expressly waive any actual or potential conflicts of interest in such acts as may be necessary for Mpay and may not claim that Mpay is providing Mpay services there is a legal flaw.
8. Protection of intellectual property rights
1, Mpay and all affiliated companies and all content on this website, including but not limited to works, images, archives, information, materials, website structure, website screen arrangement, web design, all owned by Mpay or Mpay affiliated companies Intellectual property rights, including but not limited to trademark rights, patents, copyrights, trade secrets and so on.
2, You may not use, modify, reverse compile, reproduce, publicly distribute, alter, distribute, distribute or publicly publish the Program or Content of this website without the prior written consent of Mpay or Mpay Affiliates.
3, Respect for intellectual property rights is your duty, and if there is a breach, you should bear the liability for damages.
9. The law applicable and jurisdiction
The validity, interpretation, alteration, enforcement and dispute settlement of this Agreement shall be governed by Cambodian national law. Disputes arising from this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Cambodia and shall be governed by the people's court of the place where the defendant is domiciled.